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Dear Friends of JETS,

With its temperate climate, sun-drenched beaches and vibrant culture, the Sunshine State has plenty of attractions to keep visitors happy. And While Florida’s fantastic weather alone is enough to draw people to its tropical beaches and lively cities, its incredible business opportunities also attract today’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The Jewish Education Trade School (JETS) alumni are no different, with many of its graduates seeking opportunities to put their training and education to use. Miami, Florida, therefore, seemed the perfect location to host this year’s JETS reunion. The reunion took place at Chabad at Midtown Miami, courtesy of Rabbi Shmuel Gopin.

Attending the event were over 150 former and current students, with alumni ranging from 2005 through to 2022 looking to reminisce and strengthen friendships. With a beautiful atmosphere building, the evening was full of camaraderie, fun, and valuable networking opportunities, which allow JETS alumni to create business connections and partnerships with other alumni. indeed, the JETS alumni network is strong and active, with alumni business partnerships taking place across the country in real-estate investments, mortgage banking, digital marketing and more.

Mortgage banking industry veteran and current JETS real estate instructor Mayer Dallal has seen the positive impact the Yeshiva plays in young men’s lives first-hand, evidenced by the reunion evening. “I can attest to how much the school benefits its students, having observed their dramatic increases in self-confidence and belief in collaboration,” says Dallal. “I’m passionate about JETS’ mission, which is embodied by the staff and faculty, headed by Rabbi Schmukler, Rabbi Smith and Rabbi Seewald. Furthermore, I believe that the success of JETS lies in its commitment to provide students with ample opportunities to learn essential industry skills that will set them on successful paths later in life.” Mr. Dallal has been involved with JETS for more than four years now, teaching a class on mortgage banking, accounting and entrepreneurship twice per week.

JETS has not only given these individuals an education but has also instilled them with an invaluable mindset that has been essential in forming them into successful adults, who are now entering the workforce and starting families of their own.

Rabbi Naftali Smith, JETS Principal, was taken aback by the remarkable attachment to the school that former students of JETS currently had. “It was truly incredible to witness the strong-held devotion these grown men still had for JETS,” he remarks. “Every former student shared a unanimous sentiment in their admiration for the immense amount of wisdom and life lessons that JETS provided. In fact, many have credited their journey into professional success, personal growth, meaningful experiences, and the values they acquired while attending the Yeshiva as the foundation of their success.”

JETS founder & director, Rabbi Mayer Schmukler, attended the event, which left him feeling inspired and invigorated. “Our yeshiva is a transformative power in the lives of young people. It is clear that the lessons and values that JETS develop in these young men leave a lasting impression”, says Rabbi Schmukler. “The JETS mission continues not just during their time at school or for the short time after they graduate – it continues for a lifetime.”

All-in-all, alumni reported that it was an incredibly successful event that filled them with joy and nostalgia upon meeting old classmates once again after so many years apart. Although nothing can top that feeling of youth that comes along with being reunited with former classmates, this reunion filled alumni with a sense of pride for having made it through Yeshiva with such incredible support from one another – something that will forever be cherished by all who attended.