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Shavuos: A Time for Reflection

Dear Friends,

As we come closer to the holiday of Shavous, we are called upon to reflect on the momentous event of the receiving of the Torah. For on Shavuos, G-d changed the dynamic of the existence of the Jewish People.

Once we received the Torah, we are no longer just inhabitants of this world; we now have an active mission to assist in the refinement of making the world a better place. When we received the Torah, it was by definition, cementing our relationship with our creator.

By providing a structure for its students to flourish in both their Talmudic studies and their chosen career path. JETS enables each student to reach their full potential. Whether in real estate, business, or digital marketing, our students positively impact the world.

Please join us in making that vision a reality. As we prepare to receive the Torah again, let’s help our boys become the next generation of proud, successful Jews:

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With wishes for a joyful and meaningful Shavuos,

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler
Founder & Director,
Jewish Educational Trade School