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Extended Learning Program


JETS now offers more opportunities to accelerate your success through our JETS CARES extended learning program. In addition to advanced coursework, students receive interview coaching, negotiation training, portfolio-building projects and personal branding advice from our dedicated outcomes team. Upon course completion, JETS offers access to our workplace opportunities network. With CARES, we set you up for success!

An entry point into a lucrative tech career

Coding & Software Development

Topics covered include HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, React, Angular, Python and more. Students will develop software and applications in both team and individual settings, with an emphasis on building a portfolio of completed work. Upon graduation from the Coding & Software Development course, students will be proficient in essential programming languages and frameworks, and will be prepared to work as software developers and full-stack web developers.

Course Director: Duncan Kabinu

Fluency in accounting is an advantage in any industry


Topics covered include understanding the often complex information provided in financial statement notes, using financial data for valuation, budgeting and forecasting, the role of taxes in financial and strategic decisions, identifying the “soft spots” in financial statements where management has latitude over what is reported, and the impact of the increasing utilization of “fair value” accounting. Upon graduation from the Accounting course, students will be prepared to work in bookkeeping, tax preparation and more. Students will also learn how to measure and manage financial transactions in an entrepreneurial setting.

Course Director: Matthew Hintze

A career in real estate offers great earning potential

Real Estate

Topics covered include principles and applications of investment analysis, real estate financing, property management, real estate appraisal and the legal aspects of real estate. The emphasis of this course of study will be practical, offering numerous opportunities for hands-on experience. Students will develop a clear action plan to launch a successful real estate career upon graduation.

Course Directors: Len Shaposhnik, Shaya Stauber, Tabitha Dalal


Enrollment in CARES is a privilege, not a right.

In order to prepare students for success, and ensure a healthy, mature learning environment, specific conditions apply, including:

  • Students are expected to attend five days per week for two hours.
  • Students are dropped after three unexcused absences.
  • Some classes and exercises are on students’ time (via e-learning system)

To learn more about JETS CARES, please book a complimentary consultation call with JETS staff by using the tool below.

To Your Continued Success!