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JETS Mission Statement

JETS is a college that gives young Jewish men the tools to build successful careers through a well-balanced program of Judaic Studies and exceptional post-secondary courses combining industry and education in a loving and warm environment.

We achieve this by:

  • Offering high-quality, industry-relevant trade and professional programs.
  • Integrating Jewish values of lifelong learning into the curriculum.
  • Cultivating and personalizing a diverse and inclusive learning environment that celebrates positive Jewish experience.
  • Preparing graduates to contribute meaningfully to the Jewish community and the broader world.

This mission statement captures the essence of JETS by highlighting its focus on:

  • Skills and Careers: Providing top-notch training for practical professions.
  • Core Jewish Values: Integrating Jewish ethics and Mesorah into the learning experience.
  • Community: Building a supportive and inclusive environment for Jewish students.
  • Impact: Empowering graduates to make a positive difference.

JETS Philosophy

In addition to the obligation to impart ethical values and spiritual ideals to our youth, Torah law mandates that we provide them with the necessary tools to earn a living in the future. Hence, JETS was founded.

JETS: Our Difference – What Sets Us Apart

Celebrating individuality in a positive and supportive environment. JETS enables each student to discover his unique strengths, helps him set goals accordingly, and provides educational opportunities to pursue his dreams and aspire to reach his potential.

JETS Core Values

  • Lifelong Jewish Identity: Cultivating a strong sense of intrinsic Jewish identity and commitment to ethical practice fostered through degree programs and Judaic studies.
  • Torah:  Providing the tools to utilize Halacha and Torah in everyday life and with an opportunity to graduate with Semicha.
  • Skills and Excellence: Offering high-quality, industry-relevant degree programs and vocational training for successful careers.
  • Love of Learning: Instilling a deep love for learning, emphasizing a positive relationship with Hashem, focusing on personal growth, and committing to bringing spirituality into all aspects of life.
  • Individuality and Potential: Celebrating and nurturing each student’s strengths and personal goals while helping students own their Judaism and life path.
  • Supportive Community: Fostering a positive, diverse, and inclusive environment that celebrates the Jewish experience, creating a strong sense of community among students, and emphasizing mutual care and support.
  • Positive Impact: Empowering graduates to contribute meaningfully to the community and the broader world, prepared to impact their surroundings while living as good citizens and Jews.
  • Innovation: Providing programs that nurture the innovative spirit.

Get To Know JETS

Video interviews with staff, students, alumni and mentors.

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