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The Two Miracles of Hannukah

Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well while you and your family celebrate the joy of the festival of light. The story of Hannukah is a mighty powerful one, and it teaches us many lessons for our day-to-day lives.

During Hannukah, we celebrate two miracles: The first miracle is a miracle of might. A small band of Jewish fighters, led by Judah the Maccabee and his family, were victorious over the Syrian Greek Army. Overmatched in numbers, weapons, and experience, it was not expected that they would be able to turn back this massive foe and reclaim the Temple in Jerusalem, which had been desecrated. Yet that is precisely what happened. The Book of Maccabees recounts how the Jews were able to emerge victorious due to their edge in strategy and bravery. It clearly was a miracle brought on through the acts of these courageous people.

The second miracle is a miracle of light. The rabbinic legend found in the Talmud recounts that when the victory was secured, the Jews entered the Temple in Jerusalem and found it desecrated. There was only one small cruse of pure oil, enough to light the menorah in the Temple for one day. But it lasted eight days, in time to produce new pure oil, and the menorah was able to remain lit and never burn out. This miracle is attributed to G-d and the faith that the Jews had in G-d.

On Hanukkah, therefore, we think of both the power of humanity and the power of G-d. In order to live our days and make the world a better place, we learn that we must take an active role to stand up for what is right, defend just causes, seek out justice, and perform acts of lovingkindness.

JETS mission is to give our boys the freedom to live a life that is consistent with Torah values while also having financial security. For a young man, knowing he has the ability to support his family can alleviate stress and lift the burden from his shoulders. He has the freedom to pursue a career that is meaningful and lucrative. He can give back to the community and live a life of dignity and purpose. He can be the best version of himself.

These are the values we teach at JETS every day.

This Hannukah, consider supporting the future leaders of the Jewish community. Your contribution will make a difference in the life not only of a student but his future family for generations to come. Click here to support JETS.

We wish you a Happy Hannukah, and may you and your loved ones experience the true joy of the miracles of Hannukah.

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler
Founder & Director,
Jewish Educational Trade School