Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff members are committed to the academic and professional success of every student. We work in harmony to ensure that our school is a friendly and nurturing community that provides excellent programs and operates with efficiency – all for the best interest of our students.

JETS Founder & Director

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler

Rabbi Schmukler founded JETS in 2005. He is responsible for the overall direction and development of JETS.

JETS Senior Staff

Smith, Naftali
Seewald, Mendy
Principal, Judaic Studies
Zirkind, Mendel
Director of Smicha Program
Malka, Yossi
Director of Development
Perl, Sholem
Director of Outreach
Ron, Lior
Director of Marketing
Schmukler, Memem
Director of Operations
Schmukler, Leah
Event Coordinator

Judaic Staff

Bistritzky, Mendy
Bitton, Moshe
Torah & Science, Music
Mentz, Mendy
Jewish and Chassidic Philosophy
Schneerson, Shmuel M.A MFT
Pre-Smicha & Guidance Counselor
Seewald, Mordechai

Trade & General Education Faculty

Albeg, Shahaf
Construction Teacher
Boghosian, George
Electrical Engineering
Chanin, Aizik
Judaic Teacher
Ciero, Efraim
Music Teacher
Dallal, Mayer
Mortgage Banking
Fleiderman, Gabriel
Special Educational Coordinator
Gutnick, Yisroel
Business & Finance
Haim, Jon
Muay Thai Teacher
Henderson, Damon
Culinary Teacher
Hintze, Matt
Advanced Business
Kevill, John
English & Math Instructor
Levin, Yosekh
Mashpia / Mentor
Mazzara, Tabitha
Corporate Finance
Paleno, Gene
Weight Training Teacher
Raksin, Zalman
Guidance Counselor
Robertson, William
Physical Education Teacher
Shaposhnick, Leonard Joe
Real Estate Teacher
Weragoda, Desh
Business Technology

Shluchim / Guidance Counselors

Chanin, Shimon
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Fayershteyn, Mendel
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Friedman, Dovber
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Katz, Meir
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Lapidus, Avrumi
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Moritz, Yosef
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor
Shemtov, Eli
Shaliach / Guidance Counselor

Support Staff

Cower, Aharon
Dorm Supervisor
Gutnik, Yisroel
Weiss, Pesach
Kitchen Supervisor

Advisory Committee

Avgi, Tiran
Construction & Development Advisor
Doherty, Dennis B.
Founder ProData Corporation
Dr. Fishbane, Simcha
Exec. Assistant To the President Touro College
Dr. Hamlin, Michael
Director of Institutional Research and Professor, Touro University Worldwide
Handelman, Ira D.
President of Handelman Consulting, Inc.
Dr. Luskin, Bernard
President & CEO, Moorpark College
Dr. Luskin, Toni Thomas
Professor, Media, Psychology and Education
Dr. Rome, Robert J. Ph.D
Psychological Consultant

Welcome to JETS.

A Strong Commitment to Student Success.