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In JETS, students can explore knowledge, exercise their minds and bodies, engage in artistic pursuits, build social skills, and enhance their sense of belonging – all in a supportive setting. The facilities and campus embody the unique spirit and philosophy of JETS.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Fitness Center & Weight Room

The Fitness Center and Weight Room is a multipurpose exercise facility for various classes and athletic teams, and also serves as a wellness center for JETS students, faculty, and staff.

Water is Life

Swimming Pool

Not only is swimming relaxing, it’s therapeutic for your muscles and easier on your joints than other recreational activities. Students, faculty, and staff may use the JETS swimming pool free of charge.

Digital Opportunities

Computer Room

JETS places computer equipment at the disposal of all its students. With over 40 workstations, the computer room provides a valuable learning resource and gives students the opportunity to do coursework and projects.

You Are What You Eat

Modern Kitchen & Dining Hall

JETS serves hundreds of meals daily to students, faculty, and guests, and with so many palettes to please, our chefs and culinary students recognize the importance of introducing diverse and delicious new dishes to our menus. JETS dining is committed to delivering fresh flavors, creative recipes, and engaging events to a hungry JETS community.

Music For The Soul

Music Room & Sound Studio

Accessible 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, JETS music room enables students to jam and play together. The music room is fully equipped with guitars, keyboards, drums, and audio softwares.

JETS mission

A letter from Rabbi Schmukler