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Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson to Join JETS Staff

We are happy to announce that Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson, co-director of the hugely successful summer program Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim, will be joining JETS staff as a full-time teacher and mashpia. Rabbi Schneerson, who holds an M.A. in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and a certificate from the Victor Frankel Institute of Logotherapy, is uniquely positioned to further JETS’ mission of combining Torah learning with real-world application.

Over the past few years, Rabbi Schneerson has been a beloved speaker and school counselor at JETS, where he’s taught psychology and life skills classes.“Many schools teach students how to make a living,” says Rabbi Schneerson, “But they don’t teach you how to live! This is what I teach. I like to give classes on achieving purpose, happiness, dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, healthy relationships—all foundational concepts of living—through the lens of Torah. I give classes on ‘What is happiness? Is it achievable? How do we react when we’re having a rough day?’”

Rabbi Schneerson emphasizes that there is one element that must be present in order for kids to succeed: they need to know that you truly care for them. “He really understands students,” says Rabbi Mendy Seewald, Principal of Judaic Studies. “The students know and trust him and look forward to his interesting and engaging classes.”

In addition to teaching at the school, Rabbi Schneerson will be providing coaching to students, helping them create individualized goals and stay accountable. “Many boys are confused about what success in life is,” says Rabbi Schneerson. “Some of them feel that success is only to be a good businessman and make a lot of money. I work closely with them to understand what success would mean to them. It might mean getting their life in order and having a healthy, wholesome lifestyle combining the physical and spiritual. That’s part of Chassidus—everyone has their own individual job in life, and we need to help them find that.”