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Summer is Here!

Even once school is out, we want the learning and inspiration to continue. Our staff is hard at work this summer making JETS even more awesome. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s going on behind the scenes!

The JETS Mentorship Program

We’re excited to be expanding our mentorship program, which pairs students with successful mentors in their chosen fields, such as business, finance, architecture, and real-estate. The mentorship program gives our students real-world skills and knowledge and gives the mentors an opportunity to guide bright, motivated youth along paths they’ve traveled. These relationships extend beyond the time of graduation, often paving the way to future job opportunities.

The Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Fund

JETS is solving the tuition crisis by giving all students the opportunity to attend JETS, regardless of their financial circumstances. Through our Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Scholarship, eligible students will receive tuition subsidies in the form of interest-free loans that only become repayable once the student is gainfully employed and is in a position to give maaser, a tithe to charity. The beauty of this system is that the repayments go right back into the PIF Scholarship Fund, allowing alumni to give future students the opportunities they were given. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Brand New, State-of-the-Art Kitchen

We are starting construction on a brand-new, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, which will include a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, industrial oven, 18 student workstations, commercial floor mixers and beautiful stainless steel countertops. In addition to providing meals for students and staff, the kitchen will serve as a workspace for students in the JETS Culinary Arts program. The culinary creations of our students will be distributed to the needy members of the community, such as the elderly and the homeless.

Transforming Education

It’s no secret that many students leave college saddled with debt and unable to translate their degrees into meaningful employment. The importance of formal college education is diminishing, while the need for vocational and trade schools is becoming more relevant.

At JETS, we’re proud of the fact that we’re revolutionizing the educational system. These articles below underscore our mission to provide our students with vocational training that will set them up for success in the real world. Through our innovative and cutting-edge program, we’re proud to say that we’re transforming the future of the Jewish community!

  • PBS: After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople. (read article)
  • CNBC: Trade school, not 4-year college, is a better bet to solve the US income gap, researchers say. (read article)
  • Wall Street Journal: Why an Honors Student Wants to Skip College and Go to Trade School. (read article)


As part of a special summer program, “VIP Students,” several JETS students and staff are spending their summer in Israel, where they are visiting holy sites, connecting to their heritage, and having an amazing time touring the Holy Land. We know they’ll come back inspired and ready to delve into their studies with a deeper appreciation of their roots.

Until Next Time!

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and we look forward to another incredible year at JETS this fall!

To Your Success,
Your friends at JETS
Jewish Educational Trade School