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“JETS changed my life”: Over 20 students graduated from JETS, including graduates who received High School and Rabbinical Ordination diplomas, as well as certificates in Mortgage Banking, Digital Marketing, Computer Coding, Real Estate Development, and more.

Last week, Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS), celebrated the many accomplishments of its students and graduates at its June Graduation.

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler, director and founder of JETS, congratulated the class of 2022 and all JETS students. He stated his pride and acknowledged the student’s hard work and determination and blessed all the students with abundant success in their future endeavors.

Student Mendel Drizin presented a Dvar Torah on the Parsha, which talks about the Jew’s many encampments in the desert; we learn that in every place they encamped, they would assemble the Mishkan and take it down when it was time to go. These encampments varied in time, from as little as one day to multiple years. But wherever and no matter how long they camped, they would always establish themselves fully. On two different occasions, The Rebbe learns a common lesson from both of these ideas: no matter in what capacity one finds himself and how little time he plans on being there, he must be there fully; we must cultivate as much positivity and growth from every situation.

Moshe Bitton and the JETS Students Band treated the audience to a music performance. Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson handed out awards to exemplary students’ who excelled in specific areas. JETS student Yitzy Miretsky thanked all the secular teachers and instructors, acknowledging their dedication to the growth of each student. A gift for each teacher accompanied it.

Rabbi Mendel Mentz acknowledged the Shluchim, JETS supporting staff, thanking them for their selfless dedication to our students. The Shluchim’s countless hours of work and inspiration fueled the students. Their input was invaluable and played a significant role in the growth of every student.

Principal Rabbi Naftali Smith and academic teacher Gavriel Fleiderman gave out the High School Diplomas, as well as business and trade certificates which included: Digital Marketing, Real Estate Management, Accounting & Entrepreneurship, Computer Coding, Electrical, Plumbing, Essential Job Skills, Investments & Mortgage Banking, and more.

A true friend and supporter of JETS, Meyer Dallal, managing director of MBANC (Mortgage Bank of California), got up to say a few words about how he was totally blown away by the growth he saw from the students in his class. At the school year’s conclusion, his students had confidence in public speaking.

A video presentation was played, put together by student Pesach Newman, recounting the various experiences throughout the year.

Student Ari Markowitz, got up to represent the student body and reflect on the fantastic experience and growth he and his fellow students had, and he thanked all the staff and Shluchim.

JETS staff member Uziel Shiner represented the Shluchim in reflecting on the fantastic opportunity they had, reflecting on how much they have gained by giving of themselves to assist in the growth of the students.

In closing, Principal Rabbi Mendel Seewald summed up persevered JETS: “Each student is valued for who they already are. We seek not to change the individual but to celebrate their strengths and understand their challenges. One of the most beautiful things about JETS is the realness of the boys. We see every day boys working on themselves in a pnimius way. They strive to improve their spiritual life one step at a time. Whether in the meditation class, DMC’s, late-night farbrengens, or in a spirited davening like we had this past Shabbos, the purity and sincerity of the boys at JETS is palpable.”

This past year has seen unprecedented growth at JETS, and the extraordinary intensity in learning in which many of the students diligently persevered with their commitment to their growth. In addition to advanced coursework, JETS offers negotiation training, portfolio-building projects, and personal branding advice from a dedicated outcomes team. JETS provides access to its workplace opportunities network upon graduation, connecting graduates with firms to jumpstart their careers.

JETS is proud of the graduates’ success and plans to continue expanding course offerings to meet the demands of today’s workplace.

To your continued success!