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As JETS sees growth in applications and student enrollment, new staff are joining the team to meet the unique needs of each student.

This year, JETS welcomes five new staff members to its team, including Rabbi Mendy Mentz, Rabbi Mendy Bistritzky, and Mr. Mayer Dallal & Mrs. Tabitha Dallal, and is offering extended classes with current staff member Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson. With the new additions to its staff, JETS is expanding its capacity to meet the unique needs of each student.

Rabbi Mendy Mentz, who has studied and taught young bochurim in various parts of the world including France, Australia, and Israel, and currently holds a position as shliach to Chabad of West Bel Air, will teach three fascinating classes, including Jewish & Chassidic Philosophy on controversial world matters, Sichos skills, and Advanced Sichos.

Rabbi Mendy Bistritzky, new shliach to Saugus and the North S. Clarita Valley, will facilitate a deeper connection between bochurim and the Aibishter through an in-depth study of Chassidus and its day-to-day practical application.

Mr. & Mrs. Mayer & Tabitha Dallal, mortgage banking professionals with decades of financing experience, are considered to be pioneers of the non-QM movement, and at the forefront of the industry. In their Mortgage Banking class in JETS, students will learn the principles and applications of investment analysis, real estate financing, property management, real estate appraisal and the legal aspects of real estate.

Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson holds an M.A. in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and a certificate from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. Over the past few years, Rabbi Schneerson has been a beloved speaker and school counselor at JETS, where he’s taught psychology and life skills classes. Rabbi Schneerson will now also be providing coaching to students, helping them create individualized goals and stay accountable.

At the forefront of JETS’ ethos is an understanding that each student is unique in his personality, interests, and motivations. Students are part of a welcoming and thriving environment that fosters positive well-being and confidence, and they are given the tools needed to succeed in today’s workforce and ever-changing world.

This past year has seen unprecedented growth at JETS, with the student body increasing by 300%. Their new division, JETS Business School, offers students a wide range of extensive courses in Coding & Software Development, Accounting, Real Estate & Mortgage Banking, Digital Marketing, and more. In addition to advanced coursework, JETS Business School offers negotiation training, portfolio-building projects, and personal branding advice from a dedicated outcomes team. Upon graduation, JETS offers access to its workplace opportunities network, connecting graduates with firms to jumpstart their careers.

As Principal Rabbi Mendel Seewald sums up JETS: “Each student is valued for who they already are. We seek not to change the individual but to celebrate their strengths and understand their challenges. One of the most beautiful things about JETS is the realness of the boys. Every day, we see boys working on themselves in a pnimiusdike way. They strive to improve their spiritual life one step at a time. Whether it’s in the meditation class, DMC’s, late-night farbrengen, or in a spirited davening like we had this past Shabbos, the purity and sincerity of the boys at JETS is palpable.”