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Jewish Educational

Trade School

JETS Yeshiva is an award-winning technical college and high school that gives young Jewish men the tools with which to lead productive and fulfilling lives through a well-balanced program of Judaic studies, vocational training, and recreational activities.

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Our Philosophy

Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.

In addition to the obligation to impart ethical values and spiritual ideals to our youth, Torah law mandates that we provide them with the necessary tools that they can use to earn a living in the future. Hence, JETS was founded.

Our Difference

Celebrating individuality in a positive & supportive environment.

JETS enables each student to discover his unique strengths, helps him set goals accordingly, and provides the educational opportunities for him to pursue his dreams and aspire to the heights of his potential.


NEW: Bachelor of Business – Accredited Degree Program

The JETS Accredited Bachelor of Business Program marks a significant milestone in JETS’ academic journey, opening up new horizons and opportunities for all students. The prospect of pursuing a bachelor’s degree within the familiar and supportive environment of our school is truly exhilarating. It not only reflects our commitment to growth and progress but also showcases our dedication to providing students with a comprehensive set of tools to set them up for success.

Courses Offered*
JETS Campus

JETS is a beautiful 9-Acres campus, located in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Community at JETS
*courses may change subject to availability
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Rabbi Avraham Zajac, JETS Parent

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JETS Senior Staff

Rabbinic Ordination

Modern Halacha Smicha Program

This one year program towards Rabbinical Ordination incorporates a classical approach to semicha, grounded in the gemara and poskim, offering a thorough knowledge of Yorah De’ah while expanding your independent learning skills.

Striking the right balance between Education, Torah & Industry.

JETS vision of “Torah V’avodah” – Torah and industry – is put into action through multiple avenues, some of which are:

Trade Certificates

In addition to its own in-house specialty courses, JETS works closely with accredited colleges and occupational training centers in the area.

High School Program

JETS provides courses for students who desire a high school equivalency diploma or those who require introductory or refresher courses in general education.

Spiritual Studies

The JETS approach to Torah education is to instill within its students a passion for Judaism with the wisdom and knowledge to support it.


What our Students are Saying

Yanky SchienfeldLeasing Associate, BECO Mgmt

I am forever grateful to the JETS organization for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to fulfill my goals. For all of those students that really feel they want to go into the working field and need to learn the tools to be successful I highly recommend the Jewish Educational Trade School.

Mendel RubashkinLoan Officer, Radiant Mortgage Bank

I came into JETS to get my GED and learn a trade but I wasn't really sure which career I wanted to pursue. Besides the great relationships I made, the best thing I got out of JETS is my career which I am very grateful for.

Sam (Saadia) LiberowVP Investments, Marcus & Millichap

The confidence and drive I have now is something that started in JETS and I hope stays with me throughout my life. I recommend JETS to anyone that wants to start making something for themselves, anyone that wants to try a new approach in growing and understanding. The dedication and help you will get is something you will never find anywhere else.

Nuchom LevitanskyAmbulance Operation Mgr. & EMT, NYC

At JETS, I tried a menu of courses: real estate, contracting and computers, before I found the one that suited me, the EMT course. At first I was hesitant but after the first class I was captivated and decided, “this is what I want as a career”. The staff is very caring and the individualized courses are geared to the student’s ability. Thank you to JETS for putting me on this path!

Motty VogelFinancial DIrector at REDFITS

When I first went to JETS I had a goal to become a fully qualified accountant, a goal that did not seem realistic for someone coming from a background that did not offer secular tuition. JETS made my goal a reality and helped me achieve that goal - and beyond. Thank you!

Get To Know JETS

Video interviews with staff, students, alumni and mentors.

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