From Darkness To Light

The dark past of a Warsaw-Auschwitz transport car meets its challenge at the JETS campus. Discovered in a Polish forest, then purchased, transferred & donated to JETS by philanthropist Mr. Stanley Black and the Black family, it is one of a handful of authentic Holocaust boxcars in America.

About The Cattle Car

Of the thousands of cattle-cars used in executing “The Final Solution,” only a handful remain in existence. One of those cars, which was used to transport victims to Auschwitz, was salvaged and brought to the US through the efforts of philanthropist Mr. Stanley Black and the Black family. Though many museums and organizations vied to have it housed on their premises, Mr. Black insisted that it be permanently displayed on the grounds of JETS, where Jewish youth are being prepared for bright & promising futures.

Unveiling – Highlights 3:11

First Visitors Enter 2:01

Stanley Black Speech 7:55

Kaddish – Yaakov Lemmer 11:08

From Darkness To Light

Wall of Honor

In a world that is increasing in need and shrinking in resources, we honor our elite supporters for their generosity, vision, and faith in the future. Your legacy, and the Holocaust cattle car, will live on at JETS where you have created a future for countless young people now and far in to the future.

Mr. Stanley Black & Family

Recipients of the 'JETS Guardian Angels Award'. Mr. Stanley Black – a legend in the worlds of real estate, wise living, and philanthropic giving – and his beloved family – are being recognized for taking the JETS cause under their wing and propelling the program forward in a major way. Thank you Stanley, Joyce (bless her memory), Jack, Jill & Janis!

Len & Selma Fisch

As pillars of the Jewish community and often unheralded performers of acts of generosity and kindness, Selma and Len Fisch have forged a meaningful and beautiful life by weaving a colorful tapestry of Tzedakah and Chesed that shall stand as an enduring legacy for generations to come. Thank you Len & Selma!

Sam & Vera Menlo

For more than the past half century, Sam and Vera Menlo have been among the most prominent philanthropic names in the Jewish world. From Yeshivas to mikvahs, synagogues to study centers; there are scores of educational institutions that have been built and supported by the Menlo Family. Thank you Sam & Vera!

Schedule a Tour

Schools, organizations and individuals interested in visiting the Holocaust cattle car can contact our head office to schedule a visit.